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High density EEG for mouse functional brain mapping

Han, H. B., Kim, B., Kim, Y., Jeong, Y., & Choi, J. H.* (2022). Nine-day continuous recording of EEG and 2-hour of high-density EEG under chronic sleep restriction in miceScientific Data, 9(1), 1-9.

* Dataset URL:

Hwang E., Han, H.B., Kim, J.Y., Choi, J.H.* (2020). High-density EEG of auditory steady-state responses during stimulation of basal forebrain parvalbumin neurons. Scientific Data

* Dataset URL:

J.H. Choi*, E.J. Hwang, High density electroencephalography in freely moving mice, A series of Electrophysiological Recording Techniques, Springer Protocols (Book Chapter)

Lee K-Y, Byeon H-H, Jang C, Choi JH, Choi I-S, Jung Y, Kim W, Chang J, Yi H*, . Hydrodynamic Assembly of Conductive Nanomesh of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using Biological Glue. Advanced Matererials. 2015;27(5):922-


Lee C, Oostenveld R, Lee SH, Kim LH, Sung H, J.H. Choi* (2013) Dipole source localization of mouse electroencephalogram using the fieldtrip toolbox. PLoS One 8: e79442.

Lee M, D. Kim, H.-S. Shin, H.-G. Sung, and J. H. Choi*, "High-density EEG Recordings of the Freely Moving Mice using Polyimide-based Microelectrode," Journal of Visualized Experiments, doi: 10.3791, e2562,11 Jan 2011


J. H. Choi, K. P. Koch, W. Poppendieck, M. Lee, and H. S. Shin*, "High resolution electroencephalography in freely moving mice," Journal of Neurophysiology, vol. 104, pp. 1825-34, Sep 2010.

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