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Welcome to JeeLab - Computational Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Research

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Our Research Focus

JeeLab is dedicated to exploring the enigmatic complexities of the brain, aiming to unravel the mechanisms underlying cognition and behavior. Our primary focus is on unraveling how populations of neurons synchronize to process information, particularly in the context of freely moving mice interacting with their environment and each other. 

Using mouse models, we employ advanced techniques such as optogenetics and chemogenetics to establish causal relationships between the activity of specific neuronal circuits and cognitive functions. Furthermore, we lead the way in developing innovative methodologies to surpass the constraints of current functional brain mapping in mice. Our lab has developed electrodes and analysis techniques for high-resolution electrocorticography (HD-EEG) mapping in mice, which closely resembles human EEG mapping. Presently, we are advancing with wireless EEG recording.

One of our recent breakthroughs is CBRAIN, a revolutionary technology enabling the observation of individual animals' brain activity during social interactions in natural settings. This approach allows us to explore the neural basis of collective behaviors and social dynamics, transcending traditional single-brain studies. By investigating the information exchange within specific neural circuits, we aim to uncover the roots of the emergence of social phenomena that are not present in solitary conditions. 


At JeeLab, we're committed to pushing the boundaries of neuroscience, fostering a deeper understanding of the brain, cognition, and behavior nexus. We envision our research facilitating advancements in brain-computer interfaces and shedding light on the neural underpinnings of social interactions, ultimately benefiting human society. 

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