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Beyond the spatial constraints of KIST, we are seeking colleagues from across the earth to join us in scientific inquiry. Those interested in utilizing mouse CBRAIN for investigating new phenomena are encouraged to reach out to us.

For HD-EEG, collaboration will commence after successful wireless implementation. We apologize for any delays in distributing mouse HD-EEG.

Organizations or individuals interested in using mouse EEG-based disease models or conducting drug evaluations are welcome to contact us for further discussion. 

Lastly, passionate students eager to explore brain causality in human behavior and social phenomena are invited to engage in conversations with us. Only mind that we look through mouse brain not human brain as a window to our species. Please email to Jee or any member of JeeLab.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Latitude: 37.0009 deg | Longitude:127.0469 deg

Alternatively, you can use the following form to contact us directly:


Thank you for reaching out to JeeLab!

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