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Sharing Our Scientific Resources

Our research lab has independently developed methods, experimental protocols, and analysis techniques for acquiring data comparable to human brain mapping data from mice using HD-EEG and CBRAIN. We aim to share these resources through this platform whenever time allows, particularly focusing on difficult-to-obtain HD-EEG data from mice or group data utilizing CBRAIN, preferably through data peer-review sites, to facilitate their use in in vivo neurodynamics analysis and deep learning tool development. We hope for your support and encouragement to keep this platform, and we also plan to share methods for the production of HD-EEG electrodes and telemetry devices as soon as they are available for distribution. 

  • Auditory responses of HD-EEG under time-dependent perturbation of subcortical inhibitory projection neuron. 

  • Continuous sleep EEG data of mice of persistent sleep loss

    • Data title: Nine-day continuous recording of EEG and 2-hour of high-density EEG under chronic sleep restriction in mice 

    • Collected by Dr. Bowon Kim 
    • Data formatted by Dr. Hio-Been Han 
    • Data repository: 
    • Data description: 
    • Related papers: 
      • Kim, B., et al. (2017). "Differential modulation of global and local neural oscillations in REM sleep by homeostatic sleep regulation." Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 114(9): E1727-E1736.

      • Kim, B., et al. (2020). "Differential modulation of NREM sleep regulation and EEG topography by chronic sleep restriction in mice." Sci Rep 10(1): 18.

  • Brain and behavior data of mice under naturalistic threat by a predatory robot
    • Data title: A Dataset of Mouse Escape Behaviors and mPFC-BLA Activity for Understanding Flexible Defensive Strategies Under Threat​
    • Collected by Jisoo Kim
    • Validated and organized by Sung-Jun Cho 
    • Data formatted by Dr. Hio-Been Han 
    • Data repository: coming soon 
    • Data description: coming soon 
    • Related papers:
      • Kim, J. et al. A bird’s-eye view of brain activity in socially interacting mice through mobile edge computing (MEC). Science Advances 6, eabb9841 (2020).

      • Han, H.-B., Shin, H.-S., Jeong, Y., Kim, J. & Choi, J. H. Dynamic switching of neural oscillations in the prefrontal–amygdala circuit for naturalistic freeze-or-flight. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120, e2308762120 (2023).

      • Cho, S. & Choi, J. H. A guide towards optimal detection of transient oscillatory bursts with unknown parameters. Journal of Neural Engineering (2023).

  • Mouse HD-EEG analysis (as a part of Fieldtrip toolbox) 

    • coming soon ​

    • coming soon ​
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